Before understanding how to make Italian Beef, you need to understand the importance of each one of its components. The meat, bread, and toppings; a trio when combined in the right fashion, can be perfection. We can start taking the journey as you start to all journeys, with carbs, the… Read more »

I am sad to report I have to deliver my first zero star review* (yup, an asterisk). It is not often I feel the need to put on a collared shirt to go on an Italian beef expedition. Maggianos is a restaurant that has served former President of the United… Read more »

When is an Italian beef NOT an Italian beef? The answer: When it is served at a pancake house! Last year I was nursing a hangover from a party at the SciFi convention Inconjunction. Eric (Ferret Bueller/Agent Amish) was also nursing a hangover. Neither of us had much to eat,… Read more »

I was talking to a friend the other day and he asked me how I came to love Italian beef sandwiches? Its a good question since I do have this odd obsession with finding the best one in the Indianapolis area. My earliest memory of Italian beef wasn’t from eating… Read more »

So some friends and I recently traveled down to Champagne last weekend to see the Illinois vs ASU game (good friend of mine went to ASU, BIG Italian Beef fan as well), and low and behold they were serving Italian beef at the game!!!! But what I did find at this… Read more »