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OK, so maybe just not yet, I might be jumping the gun just a little bit, but we are getting super close!! So, as we are nearing the launch of our new IMPROVED website, www.ItalianBeef.comVersion 2.0 (or maybe rather V 3.5, since we’ve made so many changes Click here for sneak peak), I wanted to write a little blurb on our blog about all the new features and exciting things to come from ItalianBeef.com.

  • First, we have fixed all the links and the database so that only real reviews and places are added and Italian Beef will no longer will be spammed all day long.
  • We have updated the entire US database with new data taken from across the internet and merged into our current database, so we should have the most up to date database of places that server or sell Italian Beef.
  • Siince we now have the database updated and we here at ItalianBeef.com
  • want to provide the best service possible to all of our Italian Beef fans, we are creating a FREE app that you can download to your phone. From your phone you will be able to at the push of a button, locate the nearest place that serves Italian Beef. Not only will it show you where all the places are, you will be able to upload a picture (given your not too greasy), rate and review your beef sandwich all from your phone!!!!
  • We have added a ton of new content on the website, photo’s, famous recipes, other related resource links etc.. One of the things I thought the site was lacking was the fact that Giardiniera is such an integral part of an Italian beef sandwich and we didn’t seem to have much info at all on it. So we have added additional resources related to this, all to help provide our fans a much better user experience.
  • We’ve also got a new logo, we have revised it a little bit, as we are looking for Chicago’s Finest Italian Beef’s! Reviewed and rated by true Italian Beef fans!!!
  • We have integrated our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.. So that we can reach our fans where ever they may be!

In conjunction with the launch of our new website, we are going to be giving away another Italian Beef party pack! Just in time for Thanksgiving, what a treat to serve up! not to mention, what another great Thanksgiving item to serve, load up your family with some Italian Beef!  If you have any App name suggestions, we are trying to figure out what to call our app? What do you think? The “Beef App”, “The Beef Boss”, “Beef it Up”, “ItalianBeef.com App”, what should this app be called? If you have any suggestions, please go to our Facebook page and vote, as we are going to have several options there to choose from.Click here to Vote Facebook.com/italianbeefdotcomHere are some picture of the Sunday Night Italian Beef Party some friends of mine had in Scottsdale this past weekend. There were several there that had never enjoyed an Italian Beef before, needless to say, they are HUGE fans. Enjoy!ItalianBeef.com

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