Naughty Dog Hot Dogs – Bloomington, IN
Bloomington, IN, is nestled an hour South of Indianapolis. It is the home of Indiana University. Nearby Lake Monroe and Brown County, in general, contain some of the most beautiful scenery in the state, some argue the world. I didn't go there for the scenery or the university; I went... Read more »
So I decided to start a discussion on LinkedIn Chicago Group about "who has the best Italian Beef Sandwich and why?" just to see what kind of response I would get and man has it been overwhelming. I had recently asked a question to the group LinkedIN Chicago about who had... Read more »

Justin Breen from reached out to us here at to do a story about who has the best Italian Beef in Chicago and to discuss our website and the favored Italian Beef Sandwich. Read the story. Not only do we have the locations of all the Italian Beef… Read more »

HEYYYY HOWUDOIN????? Chris & Gina Circelli owners of Godfathers Eatery 301 S State St in Lockport had a little “sit down” with our own Jimmie ‘The Beef Guy’. Chris’s. favorite beef sandwich to make is with Xtra mozz,sweet and hot peppers.  And that’s what he made for Jimmie. When Chris… Read more »

Welcome to the new improved

OK, so maybe just not yet, I might be jumping the gun just a little bit, but we are getting super close!! So, as we are nearing the launch of our new IMPROVED website, www.ItalianBeef.comVersion 2.0 (or maybe rather V 3.5, since we’ve made so many changes Click here for… Read more »

NO GUTS NO GLORY!!!! This Legendary sandwich shop located on the Southside of Chicago obviously is known for their subs also make a pretty darn good Italian beef as well. Jim Peplowski (father) and Robert Peplowski (son) owners of Peppos have been making great sandwiches since 1976.  Jimmie the Beef… Read more »